We're on the A629, look for Halifax Road, Wortley, S35 7DB. We're opposite the village church, at the top of the drive down to Wortley Hall.

Bafang Mid Motor Conversion

Call for details of the different options available for having your cycle converted to an E-Bike.

Conversion labour charges £80 - £120 inc vat, depending on the complexity of the install.

Motor/Control Units start from £250

Batteries from £250  

Allow £30-£60 for adapters/cables/grips that may need replacing/installing.

Motor Types:-

  • Front Wheel Motor - existing forks may need to be adapated to accept the motor. 
  • Rear Wheel Motor - rear forks may need to be adapted and gear range may be reduced.
  • Middle Mounted Motor - Single chain ring only.

Battery Types:-

  • Frame Mounted Battery - Uses water bottle mounting points.
  • Rack Battery - Has storage hatch for control unit.

Uk E-bike regulations can be found here 

Bike Conversion Form