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We are acepting vouchers for the 'Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme'

  1. Register for a voucher on the 'Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme' Website
  2. Please book your cycle in for repair via our online form or call 01142882179  to discuss what the issue is with your cycle, to make sure we can carry out the repair as per the terms of the scheme
  3. Bring your cycle to the shop and we will quickly check it over to confirm what is required and estimate the final full cost excluding the voucher. 
  4. Prior to any work being carried out we have to check the validity of the voucher:-
    1. Bring the voucher code to us.
    2. Confirm the cycle matches the description on the Government Voucher Website.
    3. Confirm your id, please bring along your id documentaion (orginals), Details in the terms & conditions.
    4. Register the voucher against our account.
  5. Leave the cycle with us for the repair to start.
  6. We will let you know the final full cost, once the repair has been completed. The value of the voucher will then be deducted and you will have to pay any remaining cost. Credit cannot be issued if the cost of repair is less than the voucher value.
  7. To complete the process we have to take photos of the cycle showing the repairs and parts replaced during the repair proir to handing the cycle over. This is to ensure we receive the voucher payment from the Government.

Please see the 'Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme' website for full terms and conditions. Pay particular attention to what is covered by the voucher. Basically the cycle has to be repaired to a roadworthy condittion. The voucher is not to be used to upgrade a cycle or only purchase parts/acessories for a cycle. We have to phiscally fit any parts and charge for the fitting.